Our Approach

As a health practitioner for over 30 years, I've seen all types of conditions that impact an individual's quality of life. In general, there are two types of disease: contagious and functional. Contagious diseases are things like the stomach flu, malaria and the common cold. Treating those types of diseases is not the focus of our practice. Rather, we focus on the chronic, everyday problems that prevent individuals like you from living their healthiest, best lives.

Dr. Vincent Taffuri DC, PSc.D

Learn how Dr. Taffuri helped Jayde from 95.5 PLJ lose weight, look and feel great!

Whether it be pain, fatigue, obesity, diabetes, or any other problem - we all have things that prevent us from functioning with the vitality that we deserve. At Taffuri Integrated Wellness Centers, our staff is focused on providing personalized, comprehensive care to address the symptoms that hold you back with safe, all-natural procedures. We would welcome to opportunity to meet you in person to learn more about how we can help you improve the quality of your life.

FREE Pain Treatment

RRT (rapid release therapy) delivers comfortable high velocity, low amplitude, resonant percussion for non-surgical scar tissue therapy and breakup of fibrotic adhesions just about anywhere in the musculo-skeletal system. One or two short 10 minute therapeutic sessions can literally shred scar tissue adhesions, free up a frozen joint, or relax a chronic muscle spasm. The frequency output of the RRT-Pro2 matches the natural resonant frequency of scar tissue like an opera singer's voice may match the resonant frequency of a wine glass causing it to shatter. For a limited time only, we are offering new patients a free pain treatment to see the amazing power of this nonsurgical pain relief technology for themselves. Don't get stuck in the cycle of pain, we are here to help!





At Taffuri Integrated Wellness Centers, we offer Advanced Biostructural Correction (ABC), the revolutionary, comprehensive approach to chiropractic that aims to ease and unwind the body from injuries that occur throughout the course of life, such as poor posture, muscle tension, spinal structure, tissue damage, etc. The build up of tension on the muscles and joints damage overtime and are unable to self-correct themselves causing pain to persist. With ABC adjustments, the goal is to remove the tension from the body's skeletal structure, evaluate and align the full body to remodel to its optimal state and eliminate pain.

About Us

Dr Taffuri

Dr. Taffuri has been a practicing Chiropractic Physician for over 38 years and is excited to be part of the NutriMost Family of Chiropractors helping to change the health and lives of people every day!

His background in treating the human body as a functional unit encompasses Body, Mind & Biochemistry. The use of a structural and functional biomechanical assessment, in conjunction with a nutrition evaluation, allows him to evaluate multiple body systems for a greater understanding of a patients overall health.

Dr. Taffuri has been happily married to his wife, Karen for 40 years and has 4 wonderful children, and 3 grandchildren! He has dedicated his life to help families achieve better health through natural, holistic treatments.

His philosophy is "let your food be thy medicine and your medicine be thy food" as quoted by Hippocrates.


Tara Scimeca joined Dr. Taffuri’s team in March 2014. Her personal success story on the NutriMost program is what inspired her to pursue a career helping clients achieve their own success.
“The program changed my life, in ways I never thought were possible. I always say that if I never lost a pound I would still do the program again just for how it made me feel. I had renewed energy, improved mental clarity, improved sleep, decreased aches and pains. I could go on and on but most of all, I got me back and NutriMost gave me my life back with the added benefit of losing 25 pounds! I now help clients achieve success on ‘their’ journey! This has been a lifelong passion for me to help others and now I get do it on a daily basis.”
Tara considers helping and assisting to improve the health and wellness of someone’s life a gift and she is grateful to share that gift with each and every client. Tara believes in the Taffuri Integrated Wellness Centers’ motto of “changing lives and saving lives each and every day.” Outside of the office, Tara has been married for over thirteen years and has one son, Gavin as well as a few puppies at home who all vie for her attention!